the final sentence

It’s been just over a month since I did anything on this blog. The muse is there but I’m at a loss on what to do with him. I’m feeling a little like I’ve reached the end of his story and don’t quite know how to write that final sentence to draw it all to a neat close. This will have to do.

Which I suppose is more accurate to real life.

I’m leaving this blog as it is. I don’t believe in deleting RP and I want to be able to come back to this and look on it with fondness. I did tell a story with the help of so many other amazing people. Maybe not as well as I would have liked or in a way that left me feeling 100% satisfied but it was a good time and I’m glad for the experience. I learned so much in the telling.

If I ever open up my writing chest and discover there’s new chapters or maybe a completely different story that needs telling on this blog, I will be back. For now, thank you everyone that was with me through this. You made it an experience worth having.


Query:  How known?

«We’ve been speaking for a few orbital cycles now and exchanging data about our respective universes.»


«It’s odd of you to be so secretive.»

«Do you need any help?»

«We’re trying to keep things quiet at the moment.»

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Tch, aye it would be now that you’re aware. Which would be why I thought I’d make mention of it.

«Precisely. I’ll sort things out with him later. Thank you for telling me.»


«Mostly? What’s different?»

«Nothing I want to discuss right now. It’s just one processor ache after another.»

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Things I learned about TFA from the Burger Bot Activity Fun Stuff Placemat (included in the Allspark Almanac II):

  • By the 22nd century, world hunger has been solved and the rainforests have been saved.
  • Inhumanoids menaced the world at some point.
  • Richard Nixon and Cobra Commander have been added to Mount Rushmore.
  • The Giant Purple Griffin exists in TFA as Pickles the Burger Bot mascot. He’s friends with B.O.T. the Burger Ordering Thingamajig.
He’s not adhering to his usual behavior patterns. That may or may not work in your favor. And be aware, with Silent’Con, if it does work in your favor – he may consider it you taking advantage of the situation.

«As far as I’m concerned, that is taking advantage of him. Thank you for telling me.»

Your milage may vary. Might want to wait out his … current state though.

«Current state?»


Now it’s his turn to be quiet for a few seconds.

«Things still the same on your end?»

«Yes. Mostly.»

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«Fine, fine. I’ll leave you alone.»

«Thank you.»

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